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Shire of Derby - West Kimberley

The Shire of Derby - West Kimberley is a large Local Government Area within the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, roughly 2,558 kilometres north-east of Perth, the state capital. Fronting the Timor Sea to the north, the Shire forms part of Australia's north-western boundaries. With an estimated population of 7,940 residents over a 104,080-square-kilometre area, the LGA is much sparsely populated. Among its most important industries are cattle- and sheep-raising, fishing, and tourism.

The Shire of Derby - West Kimberley was first established as the West Kimberley Road Board in 1884, but it would later be known as the Shire of West Kimberley in July 1961 following the Local Government Act of 1960, and its current name was adopted in 1983. The Local Government Area is composed of six major localities, namely Cockatoo Island, Camballin, Derby, Looma, Fitzroy Crossing, and Noonkanbah.

With the town of Derby as its Council Seat, the Shire of Derby - West Kimberley is represented within the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia by the Electoral District of Kimberley, and in the Australian House of Representatives by the Federal Division of Durack. Its neighbouring Local Government Areas are Broome, East Pilbara, Halls Creek, and Wyndham - East Kimberley.

Thanks to its cultural, historical, and natural heritage, the Shire of Derby - West Kimberley has a host of attractions for locals and visitors alike to appreciate. Some of its most notable locales include Apex Park, Boab Prison Tree, Botanical Gardens, Centenary Pavilion, Derby Pastoral Trail, Derby Pioneer Cemetery, Derby Wetland, Derby Wharf and Jetty, Fitzroy Crossing Pioneer Cemetery, Fitzroy Gardens, Frosty's Pool, Geikie Gorge National Park, Joonjoo Botanical Trail, Lytton Park, Myall's Bore and Cattle Trough, Old Derby Gaol, Stanley Square, The Spirit of Wandjina Art Studio, Wharf Park, and Wharfingers House Museum.

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Derby Boab Tree thanks to Martin Kraft CC BY-SA